Bag-a-Rhythm- Logo – Graphic Design and Illustration – Diana Petrarca

Bag-a-Rhythm Sound

Musical Disc from the flick of the wrist to make you Jump & Twist! Il Logo è stato realizzato per l’etichetta musicale “Bag-a-rhythm Sound”: raffigura la statua di epoca romana del Dio Nilo che si trova a Napoli e simboleggia il luogo da cui è partito il progetto musicale. Alle spalle del Dio un mappamondo stilizzato vuole invece marcare le influenze musicali provenienti da altre parti della terra.

Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight!Preacher man, don’t tell me
Heaven is under the earth
I know you don’t know
What life is really worth
It’s not all that glitters is gold
‘Alf the story has never been told
So now you see the light, eh!
Stand up for your rights. Come on!Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight!
Most people think
Great God will come from the skies
Take away everything
And make everybody feel high
But if you know what life is worth
You will look for yours on earth
And now you see…